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Pap Smear Specialists

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The offices of K & K OB-GYN & Cosmetics are full-service reproductive and cosmetic care facilities that serve the residents of New York City, including Midtown East, Manhattan and Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Dr. Kakossian and Dr. Khoury specialize in many different types of tests, including Pap smears and STD testing.

Pap Smear Q & A

What Is a Pap Smear?

A Pap smear is a special test that uses scrapings of cells to determine if a patient has or may be in the first stages of cervical cancer. The doctor uses a small tool to scrape and collect cells from the woman’s cervix. The cells are then sent away to be tested. If the test shows abnormal cell activity, the doctor may choose to do a biopsy to determine whether or not cancer is present. Catching cervical cancer in its earliest stages is best because it opens up a wide selection of treatment options the doctor and patient can choose from. The longer a patient waits, the fewer options they have available to them.

Why Is It Considered Preventative?

A Pap smear is considered preventative because it can detect abnormal cellular activity in its earliest stages. Abnormal cervical cells can indicate a wide variety of issues ranging from sexually transmitted diseases to cervical cancer. Whether the cells are caused by an infection or something more devastating, early detection is the key to preventing future issues. If a condition is in the advanced stages, the doctors can take aggressive measures to help take care of the situation. A Pap smear is usually given once a year at a woman’s annual gynecological exam. If a woman has had cervical cancer or other reproductive health issues in the past, her doctor may recommend getting a Pap smear every six months.

What Conditions Can It Identify?

While a Pap smear is primarily used to detect various stages of cervical cancer, the results can help the doctor identify other potential problems as well. Abnormal cell activity does not always indicate cancer. It can identify irritations associated with various birth control methods, alert the physician to the possible presence of a sexually transmitted disease, or indicate that the woman has a yeast or other type of bacterial infection. Doctors can opt to do a second Pap smear or a biopsy. Other information collected during the gynecological exam will help the physician decide which type of test will produce the most accurate results.

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