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Abnormal Pap Specialists

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Abnormal Pap results can be alarming, but often, the cause is not serious. Dr. Kakossian and Dr. Khoury of K & K OB-GYN & Cosmetics use advanced techniques to diagnose the cause of abnormal Pap test results in women throughout Manhattan - Midtown East, Brooklyn - Brighton Beach, and the New York City metro region so they can get appropriate treatment and enjoy peace of mind.

Abnormal Pap Q & A

My Pap test is abnormal. Does that mean I have cervical cancer?

No; in fact, most abnormal Pap test results do not indicate cancer. Abnormal results can occur for many reasons, including hormonal changes and even yeast infections. The most common cause of abnormal Pap test results is human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. HPV is an extremely common family of viruses comprising dozens of “varieties.” Sometimes the virus is cleared by the body and sometimes it is not. A follow-up exam can help determine the cause of your abnormal results.

What happens if I have an abnormal Pap test result?

In most cases, you’ll have a simple, in-office exam called a colposcopy. A colposcopy uses a special magnifying instrument called a colposcope to evaluate the walls of your vaginal canal and the cervix. A special solution w

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