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Cosmetic Surgery Specialists

K & K OB-GYN & Cosmetics

OB-GYNs & Cosmetic Specialists located in Midtown East, New York, NY & Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY

The offices of K & K OB-GYN & Cosmetics serve the residents of Midtown East, Manhattan and Brighton Beach, Brooklyn as well as the rest of the New York City area. The doctors are board-certified physicians who specialize in many different types of gynecological cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Q & A

What Types of Cosmetic Surgery Are Used in Gynecology?

There are many types of cosmetic surgeries and procedures used in gynecology. Vaginoplasty, labial reduction, hymenoplasty, and vaginal rejuvenation are some of the most common. These procedures often go hand in hand and are used together if a woman has experienced structural changes that require surgical intervention as a means to correct them. Botox® and dermal fillers can be also be used in a variety of ways to enhance a woman’s appearance and correct specific structural abnormalities. Many cosmetic procedures are minimally invasive and can be performed in the comfort and security of the doctor’s office.

What are some cosmetically correctable menopausal conditions?

The symptoms of menopause, as well as their severity, will range from woman to woman. Vaginal dryness, loss of elasticity and muscle relaxation, hot flashes, lack of sex drive and a host of other symptoms are common. Women who enjoyed an active and satisfying sex life prior to menopause may experience significant changes in their sexual performance. As the body changes and menopause begins to take its toll, the effect on a woman’s reproductive organs can lead to a lack in sexual enjoyment and desire for both partners. Procedures like vaginoplasty and vaginal rejuvenation can help restore their bodies to their original state (or as close to it as possible).

Who Is a Good Candidate for Reproductive Cosmetic Surgery?

Women who are in generally good health are the best candidates for cosmetic surgery when it comes to the reproductive organs. Repairing and restructuring the vagina by tightening the walls, removing loose skin, and reshaping the labia and clitoral area can dramatically improve how the vagina functions. These procedures are designed to not only improve the look of the area but also restore proper form and function, allowing the woman to have enjoyable sexual experiences. Not only do these procedures offer physical benefits, but also psychological benefits. They can improve how a woman feels about her body, making her feel more beautiful and vibrant.

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