Everything You Want to Know About Vaginoplasty But Didn't Know Who to Ask

If you feel like your vagina has lost some of its tightness, you’re not alone. This issue, known as vaginal laxity, is a common problem for women, especially as they grow older or go through vaginal delivery. Unfortunately, when your vaginal tissues stretch, you can experience a wide range of issues, including loss of sensation during intimacy and reduced sexual satisfaction.

At K & K OB-GYN & Cosmetics, our experienced team understands how vaginal laxity can negatively impact your body image, sexual function, and your overall quality of life. That’s why we offer vaginoplasty treatments to women in the New York City area at our convenient locations in Midtown East, Manhattan, and Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. 

Keep reading to learn everything you wanted to know about how vaginoplasty can restore your vaginal health and confidence.

Understanding your vagina 

Your vagina is a muscular tube inside your body. It connects your external genitals — or vulva — to the bottom of your uterus, or cervix. This part of your reproductive system allows for menstruation, intercourse, and childbirth.

Even though your vagina is stretchy, pregnancy, vaginal childbirth, aging, and menopause can cause your tissues to stretch out and muscles to separate, causing vaginal laxity.

Vaginoplasty basics

Vaginoplasty describes surgical techniques that repair and restore your vaginal function by:

These vaginal rejuvenation techniques can provide a tighter vaginal canal and help enhance your sexual satisfaction.

Having vaginoplasty done

We can perform vaginoplasty with either a local anesthetic or general anesthesia so you sleep through the entire procedure. 

Your vaginal canal has three layers: The mucosa, muscularis, and adventitia. After determining how much vaginal tightening you need, we remove a small, pie-shaped wedge from the mucosa and muscularis layers of your vagina. Underneath this area, we place strong sutures, or stitches, to pull the tissue closer together. Finally, we suture the mucosa layer closed again. 

Vaginoplasty can take anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on the extent of your procedure. It’s usually an outpatient procedure so you can go home the same day as your surgery.

What to expect from vaginoplasty

Recovering from vaginoplasty is typically relatively quick and easy. During the first few days, you may have a deep ache or discomfort in the area, but this usually fades quickly and responds to pain medication. You might also notice mild swelling and bruising, and we often recommend limiting your activity for a week or two.

After having vaginoplasty, you should also avoid putting anything in your vagina for between 4-8 weeks, depending on your procedure and how quickly you heal. This includes using tampons and engaging in sexual activity. In most cases, women fully recover from vaginoplasty within three months.

To see how vaginoplasty can restore your vaginal health, call us at K & K OB-GYN & Cosmetics or schedule an appointment online today.

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